Yuneec H520E Drone Flexible For Commercial Use YUNH520EEU

Yuneec H520E Drone Flexible For Commercial Use YUNH520EEU

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Yuneec H520E-OFDM Drone Flexible UAV Platform For Commercial Applications YUNH520EEU

Flexible UAV Platform For Commercial Applications

  • New Powerful flight control processor
  • New battery connector with fail safe design
  • New 4 km long range OFDM module
  • Designed for professional, commercial and governmental requirements
  • High-precision, low-interference compass
  • New 30 pin payload interface
  • No data transfer to external servers
  • Stable and safe 6 rotor system
  • Energy efficient and quiet operation
  • ST16E with integrated 7” touch display, voice output and comprehensive DataPilot™ software
  • HDMI signal directly from the ST16E to output the drone’s live image onto larger monitors
  • Mission planning on the computer or ST16E
  • Team mode compatible with two ST16E

Pioneering Hexacopter System
The H520E-OFDM Hexacopter was specially developed for commercial drone applications and provides SAR ground teams, inspectors, police, fire brigades and surveying teams with a versatile tool. The H520E-OFDM is a robust, powerful and flexible UAV platform that can be ideally adapted to individual requirements and thus enables a variety of industry-specific applications. Long flight times and high-quality camera systems with embedded GPS data allow an area to be recorded quickly and precisely, while the interference-free precision compass enables flying even in previously difficult-to-fly environments. In addition to the performance and flexibility, great emphasis was placed on the drone's flight and data security when developing the platform.

Intelligent Security Concept

The H520E-OFDM was developed with the highest demands on safety and functionality. The 6-rotor system enables a stable and safe flight by ensuring that the H520E-OFDM can continue to fly safely even if a rotor fails. Built-in ultrasonic sensors allow the drone to detect obstacles and avoid collisions, while the battery issues battery warnings when the voltage is too low and finally changes to a fail-safe function. In addition, the H520E-OFDM is equipped with a redundant control signal, a return home and a geo fence function, which ensures that the drone does not move beyond a radius specified by the user.

Comprehensive DataPilot™ Software
Yuneec DataPilot™ is a comprehensive software solution for planning waypoint and survey missions, that is fully integrated into the hardware and software of the H520E-OFDM. The DataPilot™ software system enables users to efficiently and consistently create orthomaps, 3D scans, crop data imagery, in the field or on the desktop for repeatable, recallable aerial flight paths, without requiring expensive third party software. Surveillance flights, construction measurements, BIM components, accident reconstruction, 3D scans, orthomosaics and photo stitches are created with high precision and efficiency via the DataPilot interface. DataPilot™ is installed as standard on the ST16E remote control.

Off-site Planning Of Flight Missions
DataPilot auto-generates survey paths with user-defined frontlap/sidelap, and cross-hatching for precision 3D or large format image output. DataPilot also allows for storage/caching of maps from many map providers for access in areas with no connectivity, and provides tools for precise waypoint placement even in areas where no updated maps are available. Missions/flights may be stored for later recall/reflight, or planned off-site and transported to the control system via email, thumbdrive, or micro-SD card. Mac and PC users may plan missions offsite and execute missions on-site, allowing for time-planning, collaborative mission planning, and archiving of missions in a cloud or local storage.

Team Mode
Team Mode allows you to independently control copter and camera via two remote control systems. While the drone pilot continues to take control of the copter, the camera operator can concentrate entirely on the camera. This collaboration greatly facilitates the capture of creative images and provides not only film producers, but also fire departments, inspectors and other commercial users with a helpful tool for making jobs more precise and to work in a team.

Versatile Payload Options
Thanks to its multiple load options, the H520E-OFDM can be easily adapted to different areas of application. Currently, the E10TX / E10TvX thermal camera, the E30ZX zoom camera and the E90X photo / video camera are available to H520E-OFDM users. Thanks to the ability to replace sensors in a matter of seconds, downtime is minimized and productivity is improved. One gimbal-camera combination can be exchanged for another without power cycling the airframe.

Protection Of Sensitive Data
The H520E-OFDM has been developed as a closed system, its technical design prevents communication with third-party servers. Communication only takes place between the drone, the payload and the ST16E remote control. Log files are stored locally in the drone and are only required by Yuneec for service purposes in the event of a guarantee. There is no involuntary data transfer to servers. Neither flight data nor images, videos or log files are forwarded to external servers and remain in your possession. Thus, your data is optimally protected.

A Click Away From Software Updates
The UpdatePilot app allows you to check and automatically update your drone, payload and remote control to the latest software version. Just open the app on the ST16E, make sure that WiFi and camera have been selected and then click on the “Check App Version” button – UpdatePilot will automatically download and install the latest update if necessary. Make sure that the H520E is switched on and note that the YUNEEC UpdatePilot can only be installed on the ST16E and a micro SD card must be inserted in the camera to accomplish the updates.

ST16E Controller
The Android-based ST16E is equipped with a fast Intel quad-core processor and OFDM support. Thanks to the OFDM support, the live image transmission can be expanded up to 4 kilometers. The integrated 7 inch display with touchscreen ensures precise and intuitive operation of the H520E and shows all flight information as well as the live image from the camera. The live image can also be transferred to a larger monitor via the HDMI output of the ST16E. During the flight, real-time telemetry data such as altitude, speed, distance from home, GPS position and battery status are shown on the display. Controls expected by professionals include adjustable video resolution and white balance, while light exposure can be controlled automatically or manually, including ISO and shutter speed. The ST16E supports team mode, allowing one pilot to control the drone while another controls the camera.

Site Mapping
Preconstruction survey, topographical measurements and project progress become concise and efficient using unmanned aviation solutions. The Yuneec H520E-OFDM is designed to fly repeatable, perfect-placement flight over construction sites, providing not only measurable and demonstrable project data, but also helping to identify shrink points or at-risk areas. Autonomous flight allows for repeated flights that may be layered to determine changes in the work site and provide comparisons over time.

Vertical structures can be inspected safely and efficiently with the precise flight behavior of the H520E-OFDM. Long focal lengths allow users to fly further back from the object being viewed, without compromising image quality or depth. DataPilot™ can store missions that require weekly or monthy re-flight for purposes of comparison, failure evaluation, or deterioration studies. The safety improvement and cost reduction with sUAS inspection are staggering in comparison.

Law Enforcement
Accident scene reconstruction, crime scene mapping, as “eye in the sky” for crowd control or monitoring of targeted areas: The H520E-OFDM offers the necessary payloads for optimal performance. The Yuneec H520E-OFDM empowers Law Enforcement officers to quickly record an accident scene in 2D or 3D, for later assembly of data for court appearances, reporting, or archiving. High-quality camera systems with embedded GPS data enables evidence-gathering to be captured and examined before the crime, accident, or fire investigators or first-responders have entered the area.

Search & Rescue

The Yuneec H520E-OFDM enhances safety at a contaminated scene, speeds rescue and recovery, and offers scene management tools through thermal imaging and resource management. Firefighters appreciate the ability to “see” through smoke and rapidly identify hotspots using thermal imaging, and the ability to gain a birdseye view of operations on a large scene. In addition, the drone can be used for scouting the route ahead for obstacles, finding victims, photographing remote crash sites, terrain mapping, crash site monitoring or for improving communication.

What's Included?
H520E Hexacopter with OFDM module x 1
ST16E Remote Control x 1
Battery 4S-6200mAh x 2
Charger x 1
Car Charger x 1
Sandisk Edge 32GB SD Card x 1
Propellers x 10
Remote Controller Neck Strap x 1

DroneTyphoon H PlusTyphoon H3H520E
£1,589£2,249.99£3,399 w/ E90X
£5,499 w/ E30ZX
(£2,199 w/o Camera)
Flight Time252525
Max Video Recording Quality4k 60 FPS4k 60 FPS
E90X: 4k 60 FPS
E30ZX: 1080p 60 FPS
Max FPS120 FPS at 1080p120 FPS at 1080p
E90X: 1080p 120 FPS
E30ZX: 1080p 60 FPS
Max Still Image Resolution5472 × 3648
20 MP
5472 x 3648
20 MP
5472 x 3648
20 MP
1920 x 1080
2.13 MP
Camera Sensor
E30ZX: 1/2.8" CMOS
Max Speed72 km/h72 km/h
50.4 km/h
Max Transmission Distance in UK/EU
1.6 km1.6 km
4 km
ZoomAt least 8x lossy zoom
"lossless digital zoom"
at least up to 4x
E90X: None
Mechanical: 30x
(180x combined)
Weight1995 g1985 g2310 g with Camera

What is the maximum windspeed I can fly the H520E in?
Up to 6 BfT (Strong breeze). Approx. 50km/h

At what temperatures can the H520E be flown?
The H520 can be flown from -10°C to about 40°C. Note that the battery shouldn’t be cold. A cold battery can lose up to 40% of its performance. At temperatures above 40°C, the electronics may experience a heat problem during continuous operation. The system may need to cool down now and then.

Which factors can affect the flight time?
Temperature, payload, altitude and wind affect the flight time.

What are the advantages of 6 propellers?
Resilience. The H520E can be landed safely even if one of the propellers breaks, is more stable in high wind and quieter than a Quadcopter.

When does the H520E turn on 5 Motor Mode?
If a propeller breaks down or a motor fails, the H520E will switch to 5 Motor Mode and keeps flying.

What is the maximum takeoff weight of the H520E?
Max 2.5 kg

Which satellite systems does the H520E use?

Can I use two ST16E controllers in team mode?
Yes, you will need DataPilot version 2.2.1 or higher on both controllers. To set it up follow this guide

How does the obstacle detection work?
The OBS is a forward faced system based on ultrasonic technology. Objects must be at least the size of a thumb to be recognised. The system can also be switched off. When the OBS is on, the airspeed is limited to 25 km/h.

Can maps be stored on the remote control?

Yes you can, but there is limited storage space. Make sure that no map is bigger than 100MB. Large maps will slow down the system unnecessarily. Spread the area over several small maps instead.

How often do I have to calibrate my H520E?
Whenever the copter is not flying stable in the air despite having GPS signal available or if the remote control in the DataPilot shows a red status code under “summary” or “sensors”. Calibration after changing the location is not necessary.

I've already re-calibrated the H520E, but the drone still flies unstable. What should I do?
When calibrating, make sure that there is no metal around the drone. This can affect the internal compass. Check the joystick movements in the RC Monitor. If the reactions to your movements are slow, you need to have your controller checked.

What happens if the radio connection to the H520E is lost?
There are two different radio links and two different types of connection losses. Communication lost – loss of image transmission (5.8GHz). The H520E remains fully controllable with all functions. As soon as the Copter regains a signal, the image transmission is restored.If the wireless connection is lost, the H520E automatically returns to the starting point. If the connection is restored during the return, RTL will not continue. The last known command will be executed.

What happens when the battery is depleted?
The H520E calculates depending on distance and battery voltage when emergency RTL is triggered. This ensures a safe return to the starting point. (From version 1.4.9)

Does the H520E have an emergency stop?
By lowering the stick “descend” and simultaneously pressing the red button three times, an emergency shutdown of the motors is triggered. Attention: Only use in an emergency case. A motor restart is not possible!

Why is my remote control working so slow?
Like any tablet, the memory of the Android tablet in the ST16E is limited. It becomes less and less with more copies of images, videos, maps, missions and other apps. This slows down your system.
To prevent/reduce lag consider the following:
– Only save maps (max 100MB) that you need regularly
– Copy files to another device and then Delete old pictures and videos from the ST16E from time to time
– Copy to another device and then Delete screenshots from the remote control from time to time
– Avoid installing other apps on the remote controller

Are there any wearing parts? What is the maintenance interval?
The wear parts include: propellers, propeller mounts and batteries.
Propellers and propeller mounts are made of plastic and can wear out. If the propeller still has give after locking it, the propeller and propeller mount must be replaced. After 200 flight hours all 6 propellers should be replaced. Accumulation of dirt like dust and sand can cause issues to the bearings of the motors or can settle in the mechanics of the landing gear. Often a careful blow with compressed air will help. If this does not help, the corresponding part might need to be replaced.

Maximum Flying Altitude (Relative Altitude): 500 m
Weight: 1860 g (without camera)
Flight Time: 25 min
Max Ascent Speed: 3 m/s
Max Descent Speed: 5 m/s
Motors: 730 kV
Max Speed: 14 m/s
Max Altitude Above Sea Level: 5000 m
Operating Temperature: 0°C - 40°C
Storage Temperature: -10℃ to 50℃
Diagonal Distance: 520 mm
Remote Controller
Flight System Telemetry Data On Screen: Yes
LCD Screen Size: 7 Inch
Number of Channels: 16
Operating System: Android
Transmission Distance: 4 km in UK and EU
Video Link Frequency Band: 2.4 GHz
Video Transmission: 720p
Working Temperatures: 0°C - 40°C
Battery: 3.6V 8700mAh 31.32Wh Li-ion
Battery: 4S 6200mAh Li Ion
Sensing System
Flight Speed: 4 m/s
Obstacle Avoidance System: Ultrasonic Sensor
Obstacle Sensing System
Operating Environment: Height>1.5m, Distance to obstacles<5m

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