Drone Training

Here at Leicester Drones we have partnered with Pigs Can Fly to offer an A2 Certificate of Competency Training Course and a General Visual Line of Sight Certificate (GVC)

Who are Pigs Can Fly?
Pigs Can Fly are two guys who set out to combine their enjoyment from flying drones and photography.
They are trained UAV pilots who have a permission for Commerical Operations from the U.K. Civil Aviation Authority. They also have specialised  insurance to protect themselves, clients and the public. Pigs Can Fly's courses are recognised and approved by the UK's Civil Aviation Authority.

A2 CoCT Training locations:
Course carried out via
Videotelephony like Zoom/Skype/Discord

What does the training include?
There are 3 elements to their process for obtaining a A2 Qualification in the UK:

  • Go through and learn/revise the syllabus, the whole course should in total take about 5 hours
  • Complete the online exam, you will need a camera/webcam and a laptop/desktop
  • Fill out risk assessments, make flight records and make sure you have insurance in place.

General Visual Line of Sight Certificate (GVC)
  • Operate Current and future markets, drones up to 25 kg
  • Conduct far more complex flights.
  • Fly over people with RA and mitigation measures
  • Future training allowing 2 km distance flights.
  • Use course certificate across Europe!

Contact us for more info:
0116 2677454