DJI TB51 Battery Charging Hub for Inspire 3

DJI TB51 Battery Charging Hub for Inspire 3

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DJI TB51 Battery Charging Hub for Inspire 3

The integrated, foldable battery charging hub strikes the optimum balance between charging efficiency and storage size. It can accommodate eight batteries. In Fast mode, it can charge two batteries to 90% in just 35 minutes, and eight batteries to 100% in only 160 minutes. The included 65W USB-C port can be used to charge RC Plus.


DJI TB51 Intelligent Flight Batteries for the Inspire 3
DJI Inspire 3

What's Included?
TB51 Intelligent Battery Charging Hub × 1

Why am I unable to charge two batteries simultaneously with the battery charging hub?
When the remaining battery levels of the paired batteries are not the same, the battery charging hub will charge the one with less power first. When the batteries show the same power, the battery charging hub will charge the paired batteries simultaneously.

Why are batteries paired?
Paired batteries will charge and discharge together to maximize flight time and battery life and to optimise the flight experience. Unpaired batteries can still be used, but this may affect the flight time and battery life.

How do I pair batteries?
After unboxing, the two batteries can be marked with a battery pairing sticker, or pair the two batteries with similar cycle counts in the DJI Pilot 2 app.

How do I know if the batteries are correctly mounted?
When the battery is inserted in place, the battery release will make a clicking sound. If the battery is not mounted correctly, the DJI Pilot 2 app will prompt “Battery not properly installed.”

Can I take off with the aircraft if the two batteries have different power levels?
When the battery temperature is higher than 5° C, the aircraft can take off as long as the power discrepancy is less than 21% and the voltage discrepancy is less than 0.7 V.
When the battery temperature is lower than 5° C, the aircraft can take off when the power discrepancy is less than 8% and the voltage discrepancy is less than 0.1 V.  
The aircraft cannot take off if the aforementioned conditions are not met, and the DJI Pilot 2 app will prompt that the power discrepancy is too large.

How should I store the batteries if I am not using them for a long duration of time? What is the max storage time?
It is recommended to store batteries separately in a dry environment around 20-25° C. Do not insert the battery into the aircraft or the charging hub for storage. It is recommended to fully charge and discharge the batteries every three months in order to maintain battery health.
When in storage Battery self-discharge will be triggered if the battery level is higher than 60%. Automatically discharging the battery level to 60% to extend battery life. To store a fully charged battery, set the battery self-discharge time to 1 day and have it discharge to 60%.

How do I update the firmware of the batteries?
You can update the batteries in the following two ways:
1. Make sure the aircraft has been updated to the latest firmware. Mount the batteries to the aircraft, power on the aircraft and the remote controller. A prompt will appear on the home page of the DJI Pilot 2 app if a battery firmware update is needed. Tap the prompt to update. If there is no prompt, an update is not needed.
2. Connect the DJI RC Plus to the internet. Connect the remote controller and the battery charging hub with the USB-C to USB-A cable. Insert the batteries into the battery charging hub. Enter the battery charging page on the DJI Pilot 2 app. Select battery charging hub update and then update.

Does DJI Inspire 3 support battery hot swapping?
Yes. When replacing the battery, the aircraft does not need to power off.

Is DJI Inspire 3 compatible with the TB50 battery?
No. The DJI Inspire 3 aircraft only supports TB51 batteries.

Can I charge a TB50 battery with the battery charging hub of DJI Inspire 3? Can I charge DJI Inspire 3’s TB51 batteries using the TB50 battery charging hub and the TB50 battery station?
No. TB51 has different charging power requirements compared to TB50s.

Can I take DJI Inspire 3’s batteries in carry-on baggage when boarding an airplane?
Yes. The capacity of a DJI Inspire 3 Intelligent Battery is 4280 mAh and the energy is 98.8 Wh. Most aviation companies regulate that batteries under 100 Wh can be transported in carry-on baggage.
Regulations regarding LiPo batteries in carry-on baggage can vary by country and region. In the UK there is a maximum limit per battery up to 100 Wh, for more information ask your airline or visit the CAA website here:

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