CZI LP12 for Matrice 30/T Searchlight + Broadcasting System

CZI LP12 for Matrice 30/T Searchlight + Broadcasting System

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CZI LP12 for Matrice 30/30T - Searchlight and Broadcasting System

  • Combined module for both audio and a spotlight
  • 270 g lightweight design
  • 100 m effective illumination distance
  • 200 m effective audio distance
  • Small and powerful device with two functions
  • Excellent audio and light effects.
  • LRAD sound technology and optical imaging
  • Ultra-loud at 120 dB
  • Uses DJI's OSDK for the M30/T
  • Streamlined design reduces wind resistance, reducing the effect the module has on flight time.
  • Perfect for search and rescue day or night.

The LP12 is a searchlight and broadcasting integrated payload designed specifically for the DJI M30 Enterprise series. With its streamlined design, it pushes the limits of product performance while taking aesthetics into account and effectively reduces
wind resistance and improves the duration of flight.
The LP12 is the most efficient lighting and broadcasting payload product from CZI so far, combining the imaging optics of the Gimbal Light Series with the LRAD long distance broadcasting technology of the Mega Phone Series, extremely light weight and small size. Weighing only 270g, it has an effective illumination distance up to 100m and an effective broadcasting distance of 200m, which can meet the operational
needs of security patrols and outdoor search and rescue scenarios. The LP12 is deeply integrated with the DJI Pilot APP, allowing quick access to all broadcast and light functions, making it convenient to operate.

Electrical Interface: DJI OSDK
Weight: 270 g without quickmount fixture, 283g with quick-mount fixture
Dimensions: 16.2 x 11.5 x 7.5 cm
Searchlight modes: Regular mode: 30 W, Ultrabright mode/Flashing mode: 40 W
Speaker power: 15 W
Power supply voltage: 24 V
Luminous flux: 2700±3%
Searchlight FOV: 13°
Gimbal movement range: Pitch: -120° to 45°
Maximum sound pressure: 122 dB
Effective broadcasting range: 76 decibels at 200 m; 69 decibels at 350 m
Broadcasting methods: live, file upload, text to speech, background sound
Audio formats: mp3/wav/m4a/flac/aac
App support: DJI Pilot 2
Operating temperature: -20 - 50°C
Max text to speech word limit: 900

Matrice 30
Matrice 30 Thermal

The live broadcasting function should not be used close to the drone as you will suffer feedback. Feedback can damage the speaker portion of the LP12.
The text to speech function has a word limit of 900.

Updating Firmware
Make sure you have more over 50% battery before starting a firmware update. The LP12 will reboot twice during the upgrade process. Do not turn off power during the upgrade process. It may cause irreversible damage to LP12.
After the firmware has updated the PSDK will play an audio notification indicated it has connected successfully.

Updating the LP12's firmware directly:

1. Use a micro-USB cable to connect your computer and the LP12. The LP12 will be labelled U
2. Open the drive labelled U
3. Copy the Firmware to the U drive
4. Plug the LP12 into the M30
5. Turn on the M30

Updating the LP12's firmware through DJI Assistant 2:

1. Make sure the LP12 is Installed on the LP12 onto the M30 and plug it in to the M30
2. Using the M30's USB-C debug port, plug the M30 into your computer.
3. Turn on your M30 and Launch DJI Assistant 2 (Enterprise Series) on your computer
4. Once DJI Assistant 2 has launched click on Firmware Update
5. Click on the LP12 tab
6. Click the box to the right of Select Firmware File
7. Navigate to where you have saved the firmware and select it
8. Click Upgrade
9. Once it has finished updating the light will restart

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