DJI RC Plus RC Remote Controller for Matrice M30 Series, M350 and M300

DJI RC Plus RC Remote Controller for Matrice M30 Series, M350 and M300

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DJI RC Plus RC Remote Controller for Matrice M30 Series, M350 and M300

The DJI RC Plus Remote Controller with a 7-inch large high-bright screen is designed for industry users and supports Dual Operator mode.

  • IP54 rated with protection against extreme environments
  • Dual external antennas provide stable image transmission with a maximum flight time of six hours.
  • 8-core high-performance processor

A Revolutionary Flight Control Experience

Your remote controller is your link to your drone. It’s how you communicate with it and how you see what it sees. Button layout, screen quality, and ergonomics all contribute to the ease with which you can turn intent into action.  

In the past, the RCs across DJI’s Enterprise fleet have been adaptations from their consumer range. The DJI RC Plus breaks new ground: This is the first time DJI have developed a controller specifically for public safety teams, inspection crews, and commercial drone pilots.

The result is a highly capable and rugged RC that simplifies missions. From intuitive physical buttons to weatherproofing.

Enterprise Environmental Adaptability
IP54 Protection - Water and dustproof
Capable in climates both hot and cold -20°C to 50°C

heavy rain falling on the dji remote controller plus

A weatherproof remote controller
Beyond direct sunlight, the DJI RC Plus can shrug off a wide range of weather and environmental conditions.

For several years, DJI’s Enterprise drones have been capable of operating in challenging weather conditions. But the same hasn’t always been true of the accompanying RCs - until now. The new DJI Plus is IP54-rated, making it DJI’s first weatherproof remote controller. It’s also rated to operate at temperatures ranging from ​​-20°C ~ 50°C.

This means that the DJI RC Plus is safe from dust and water sprays, and can operate in extreme environments, just like the M30 it controls.

Intuitive physical buttons
A common pain point for pilots is the need to use on-screen commands for vital aspects of a mission. Whether you’re carrying out search and rescue, hazmat response, or an infrastructure inspection, the last thing you want is to be fumbling through touch-screen menus to select a crucial feature - particularly if weather conditions make doing so a challenge.

The DJI RC Plus includes more physical buttons than ever before, allowing pilots to build muscle memory, quickly access important flight features, and take advantage of a more seamless flight experience.  

Six new buttons have been added and mapped to specific functions according to which camera view is being used. With just a little practice and muscle memory, pilots can seamlessly toggle through different camera views, zoom in and out, and drop PinPoints, without having to move their hands away from the control sticks.

Enhanced connectivity removable antennas
The DJI RC Plus has a quad-antenna design and offers a stable connection with your drone up to 8 kilometres away.
You have the option to remove the top two antennas. This gives teams the ability users to attach their own solutions to enable greater range and video feed clarity when interference is disruptive.

Hot-swappable batteries
From the ergonomic design to the built-in 7-inch screen, everything about the DJI RC Plus has been designed to make flying as smooth as possible. That approach extends to another feature of the new remote controller: hot-swappable batteries.  

The DJI RC Plus uses the same WB37 batteries that power the M300’s RC, which last for almost six hours of flight time. Now, instead of landing the drone and interrupting missions if the controller runs low on charge, operators can hot-swap a fresh battery in and keep working.

Additionally, the DJI RC Plus can be charged while you’re using it through its top 65W USB-C port.

DJI Cellular Module - DJI will release this some time in the future
Attach a DJI Cellular Module for added 4G support to supplement OcuSync 3 Enterprise.

A remote controller you can depend on
As drones begin to play pivotal roles in public safety missions and inspection tasks, it’s important to deploy them alongside the right accessories. The DJI RC Plus has been designed from scratch to meet the needs of emergency crews and asset managers. It’s rugged enough to handle hazardous conditions, packed with features to heighten situational awareness, and more intuitive to use than any Enterprise drone RC in history.

Introducing the New DJI Pilot 2

A revamped Enterprise flight interface designed to improve piloting efficiency and flight safety.

Reimagined User Interface

Drone and payload controls can be easily accessed with one tap. Clear presentation of flight details and navigational information improves user experience and flight efficiency.

Ergonomic Design For Safety and Efficiency
Pilot 2 works seamlessly with the DJI RC Plus. Screenside and customisable buttons are all within reach and enable quick operations, such as adjusting camera views and dropping PinPoints.

Flight Safety

Pre-flight Checklist
A comprehensive checklist helps you quickly confirm aircraft status and parameter settings, so you can take off with confidence.

Navigation Display
An optimised interface displays your home point, PinPoints, and nearby obstacles to improve safety and provide comprehensive situational awareness.

Alert Notifications
Stay updated with timely alerts as conditions and scenarios evolve.

DJI FlightHub 2

Ground-to-Cloud Synergy

Master Your Mission Environment
FlightHub 2 offers a 2.5D Base Map for quick terrain awareness, One-Tap Panorama Sync for rapid site overviews, and Cloud Mapping for fast mapping in RGB or infrared.

Mission Live Streaming
Connect multiple users to one or many drone operations simultaneously, and keep teams updated with the latest developments thanks to low latency, high-resolution livestreaming.

Live Annotations
Highlight objects or areas of interest for efficient mission management and resource distribution. Annotations are visible to ground teams, pilots, or any team member for timely project alignment and task distribution.

Streamlined Team Communication

Synchronize valuable information such as teams position, drone status, mission details and more, in real time and across multiple device types, making team collaboration easier than ever.

Advanced Intelligence

Route Planning and Management
Flight routes and missions planned in FlightHub 2 can be easily synchronised with Pilot 2. Operation data can be automatically uploaded to FlightHub 2 Media Files for unified management and analysis.

Matrice M30
Matrice M30T
Matrice 300
Matrice 350
TB37 External Battery

Resolution: 1,920×1,200
Maximum Brightness: 1,200 cd/m²
Operating Temperature: -20 to 50 °C

What's Included?

DJI RC Plus Remote Controller x 1

Does the M30 series support dual control?

Which apps are supported by the M30 series?
DJI Pilot 2.0 (For Android) and other software developed by using MSDK.

Is the M30 series remote controller compatible with the Matrice 300 RTK?
Yes the DJI RC Plus for Matrice is compatible for the Matrice 30 Series, Matrice 300 RTK and Matrice 350 RTK

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