Parrot ANAFI USA Short Range Reconnaissance Drone 3 Cameras FLIR Thermal 30x Zoom IP53

Parrot ANAFI USA Short Ra..

Parrot ANAFI USAA drone designed for first responders and enterprise professionals  Manufactured in the U.S, ANAFI USA offers the same high-end s..
£7,800.00 Ex Tax: £6,500.00
£7,800.00 Ex Tax: £6,500.00
Parrot ANAFI Ai 4G Unlimited Transmission Range

Parrot ANAFI Ai 4G Unlimi..

Parrot ANAFI AiAlways connected, worldwide continuous connection to the InternetSeamless Wi-Fi to 4G switch: flies Beyond Visual Line of Sight and RC ..
£4,200.00 Ex Tax: £3,500.00
£4,200.00 Ex Tax: £3,500.00
Parrot ANAFI Ai Smart Battery

Parrot ANAFI Ai Smart Bat..

Parrot ANAFI Ai Smart BatterySmart Battery Management SystemSmart Charging optimizationWintering mode for protection over timeBlack Box function for b..
£350.40 Ex Tax: £292.00
£350.40 Ex Tax: £292.00
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