Yuneec ST16S/E Battery Multi Charger YUNST16S101

Yuneec ST16S/E Battery Multi Charger YUNST16S101

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Yuneec ST16S/E Multi Charger for ST16S Battery

The YUNEEC ST16S/E Multi Charger allows you to easily and conveniently charge your ST16S/ST16E batteries without loosing time to fly. So far, when charging your batteries, you had to use the ST16S' direct charging port - therefore the remote control was not operational during the charging process. The ST16S Multi Charger lets you stay efficient while the batteries are fully charged elsewhere.

The ST16S/E Multi Charger offers three charging connections, which are loaded serially one by one. With its compact size and small weight of only 161 g, the charger quickly finds a place in your pocket and can be taken anywhere. As power supply you can simply use the charging cable of your H520, Typhoon H3, Typhoon H Plus, H520E charger.

Dimensions: 154 x 82 x 32 mm (L x W x H)
Weight: 161 g
Input Voltage: 19V - 21V / DC: 4.6 A
Output Voltage: 3V - 4.2V / DC MAX: 4A
Type of Battery: ST16S batteries
Standard Power: 16.8W
Charge Time: 2.3 hour/battery
Charge Mode: Serial (one by one)
Power Supply: Typhoon H / H520 / H520E / Typhoon H3 power cable

ST16S/E Battery
H520 Charging Cable
Typhoon H Charging Cable
Typhoon H3 Charging Cable
H520E Charging Cable

What's Included?
ST16S/E Multi Charger x 1

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