SwellPro SplashDrone 4 IP67 Salt Water Proof - All Weather Flight - Options for Payload Release System, 4k Camera and Thermal Camera

SwellPro SplashDrone 4 IP67 Salt Water Proof - All Weather Flight - Options for Payload Release System, 4k Camera and Thermal Camera

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SwellPro SplashDrone 4 IP67 Salt Water Proof - All Weather Flight - Options for 2 kg Payload Release System, 4k Camera and Thermal Camera - All Waterproof

SplashDrone 4 is the 5th generation waterproof drone representing SwellPro's 7 years of knowledge and understanding of drone waterproofing technology.
SplashDrone 4 is the all-new waterproof flight & float platform designed for multi-purpose operation in any harsh environment.

  • IP67 sea waterproof body
  • IP66 sea waterproof remote controller
  • 5 km image transmission
  • Automatic power flip
  • 2 kg payload capacity
  • 30 min flight time
  • Slide-in Smart Battery
  • Dynamic return to pilot
  • Floating design
  • Corrosion-free
  • All weather flying ( rain & snow)

All-new IP67 seawater-proof body

SplashDrone 4 is designed to have the best waterproofing technology in the industry. The tough, rigid fuselage of is made out of industrial-grade ABS. Each SplashDrone 4 is factory-sealed to the slightest details and air-pressure tested for SwellPro's exclusive 100% waterproof guarantee.The waterproof motors and internal electronics are also coated with corrosion-resistant coating adding an extra layer of protection over the already total waterproof design.

All-new IP66 Waterproof Remote Controller
The all-new SplashDrone 4 remote controller is now waterproof for your worry-free operation.You can even toss it on the water or rinse off the collected sand. The built-in GPS offers a variety of new features, including real-time tracking and dynamic return to pilot. The remote controller is now capable of offering multiple devices connection for a better collaborative operation.

  • High-brightness 2-in digital telemetry display
  • WiFi multi-point hotspot
  • Built-in GPS
  • 8-hour battery life

Multi-functional Payload Options
With its modular multi-functional payload system and open interface design,the SplashDrone 4 can quickly adapt to different tasks in the field.

Waterproof 3-axis 4K camera - GC3-S
Capture smooth videos and crisp photos with the new,fully waterproof 4K camera stabilized by a 3-axis gimbal.GC3-S is our flagship gimbal camera. The powerful gimbal remains stable even in water while taking underwater shot. GC3-S now has Pro mode and supports RAW photo. ND filters can also be added for greater creative freedom.

Waterproof Payload Release - PL1-S
The PL-1 payload release turns the SplashDrone 4 into an aerial payload dropping system that can deliver 2KG of a payload and drop the payload at targeted locations up to 4km. The PL-1 can be mounted together with your choice of camera accessories for targeted payload release.Using the SwellPro NaviFLy app, you can program the payload drop or replay flights to specific locations.

Innovative Smooth+ Flight Control

The patented "Smooth+" flight control allows the pilot to finely tune the Roll and Yaw of SplashDrone 4. Smooth+ makes professional, steady flight control as easy as turning the knobs. Want to take a steady shot? Simply switch to Smooth+ control, together with the 4K 3-axis gimbal, you can take high-quality, ultra-smooth & steady shots effortlessly.

5 km Image Transmission
The latest 5.8GHz digital image transmitter and adjustable antennas ensures a clear and reliable image and control signal range to the SplashDrone 4 of over 5km while airborne.
Important: Due to the nature of radio waves, when flying just 0.5 m above the water,range is still up to 2.8 km and floating on the water surface the transmission range is 500 m

When the drone turns upside down on the water for any reasons, Power-Flip feature turns the drone back to the normal state to take the control back.

Dynamic Return to pilot

The SplashDrone 4 constantly records the GPS position of the remote controller,allowing the aircraft to always return to the pilot‘s position even if they are on a moving boat far away from the original take-off point.

Intelligent Follow me
Actively track the position of the pilot at a constant angle from the front, side, and back with the camera always pointing to the subject.

Orbit Follow

Automatically follow and orbit around a moving object at a chosen radius.

Boat Mode
When equipped with foam floats the boat mode allows the SplashDrone 4 to sail on water like a boat, providing great underwater shots of caves, sea life and underwater habitats

Unrivalled-performance Propulsion System
The more powerful 740Kv Motor, 40A ESC together with optimized aerodynamic design allow for tight,responsive, and total control of SplashDrone 4 in any challenging weather conditions.
  • Wind resistance Beaufort force 7 (33 knots / 31 mph / 60 km/h)
  • 2 kg payload capacity

Smart Battery

The new slide-in smart battery has an internal battery management system for real-time power monitoring and protection both in charging and discharging, ensuring battery health,safety and longer lifespan. The 6600mAh high-performance lithium technology cells provide up to 30 minutes of flight time.

Effortless Autopilot - The SwellPro Navifly APP
The newly-developed SwellPro Navifly APP enables logging, planning, recording of missions as well as the control and parameter setting of cameras and other modules in flight.

Cruise mode
Automatically fly at a designated speed and direction.

Tap to fly
Autonomously fly to a selected location on the map at a predetermined altitude and speed, and hover awaiting further commands.

Waypoint mission planning
Preplan a mission by selecting a series of waypoints on the map with adjustable speed, height, hover time and camera angle at each point

Grid mission planning
Connect up to 256 waypoints to form a mission area planning and the drone will follow an uniform grid pattern flight path at the selected speed and interval.

SplashDrone 4 offers API for third-party software to gather data from sensors and to configure its control of aircraft,gimbal, camera, and third-party add-ons.


SDK allows deep integration of third-party add-ons to SplashDrone 4.Together with API, SplashDrone 4 is truly a multi-purpose & multi-functional platform for your imagination.

What's Included?
SplashDrone 4 x 1
Remote Controller x 1
Propellers x 4
Intelligent Battery x 1
Case x 1
Power Adapter x 1
Power Cable x 1
RC Barrel Power Cable x 1
Micro USB Cable x 1
Barometric Vent x 1
Manual x 1
Hex Screwdriver x 1
Hex Screw x 2

What do IP rating values mean?
The first number in the rating is how dustproof it is, IP6x means it is completely protected from dust over an extended period of time.
The 2nd number is how waterproof it is, IPx6 means it is protected from high pressure jets of water from any direction, but not submersion.
IPx7 means it is waterproof enough to be submerged in water for up to 30 minsat a max depth of 1 metre.

How should I care for the drone?

After flying over the sea, sand or water, the SplashDrone 4 and modules must be thoroughly washed with freshwater within 2 hours and dried - especially the motors, gimbals and camera.

It is strongly advised to rinse the drone before any salt crystallizes. Motors are best rinsed by removing the propellers and immersing the motors one at a time into a bucket of warm fresh water and arming the drone in ATTI flight mode so the motors spin underwater.

If you are not going to be using the SplashDrone 4 for a long time it is advised to store the drone and the batteries in a dry and ventilated environment between 20°C - 28°C.

Is the SplashDrone waterproof?
Yes, it has a rating of IP67 meaning it is dustproof and waterproof submerged up to 1 metre for 30 mins.
All accessories are also IP67 and so can be submerged in water for up to 30 mins at a time APART from the loudspeaker and remote controller which are heavy rain and snow proof but should not be submerged.

is the SplashDrone remote controller waterproof?
Yes, it has a IP66 rating meaning it is waterproof but should not be submerged.

Are SplashDrone batteries waterproof?
No, when batteries are outside of the drone do not put batteries in water.

Does being near water affect the range of the drone?
Yes the SplashDrone 4 has an effective range of 5 km. Due to the way radio frequency travel, when flying 0.5m above the water, the transmission range reduces to 2.8 km. For the drone floating on the water surface, the transmission range reduces to 500m.

How should I position the antennas?
The antennas of the drone can be oriented either upwards or downwards to maximize reception in different situations.
Generally, upward-pointing antennas improve reception when the drone is floating or flying close to the water surface. Orienting the antennas downwards maximizes range for higher altitude flights. Adjust the antennas’ orientation to maximize range for your flight plan.

What is the Waterproof Barometric Membrane?
The waterproof barometric membrane is SwellPro’s featured technology. It allows air to pass through the internal chamber of the aircraft to ensure the barometer’s proper functioning yet keeps the water from getting in to ensure the SplashDrone 4’s all waterproof design. The waterproof barometric membrane is delicate yet an extremely important part for proper flying and waterproofing. Therefore, you should pay special attention to the proper use of waterproof barometric membrane during your operation. Always check the waterproof barometric membrane to ensure no damage being observed before flying.

How can I look after the Barometric Membrane?
Always check the waterproof barometric membrane to ensure no damage being observed before flying.
Rinse the waterproof barometric membrane thoroughly with freshwater every time after flying.
If you constantly fly your drone in a saltwater environment it is recommended to change the waterproof barometric membrane once every 2 months, since the salt particles can clog the tiny holes on the membrane.

How can I tell if the top barometric membrane damaged?
If  the  aircraft  is  not  flying stably during hovering, or the aircraft is not flying normally during  ascending  or  descending,  the  waterproof  barometric  membrane  might  be  damaged.  
You should take off the membrane cover and replace the waterproof barometric membrane.

How do I carry out the Power Flip?
If the drone becomes inverted in water, the Power-Flip feature enables the drone to flip back to its upright position.
When the drone is floating upside down on the water, pull both the left and right joysticks simultaneously down and inwards and maintain the control until the drone flip over to its upright position.

Where does Return to Home travel to?
The aircraft will always return to the remote controller location, not the take-off location unless the remote control has lost GPS, in which case it will return to the last known remote control location.

What Flight Modes Does the SplashDrone 4 have?
There are 7 flight modes to configure on the SplashDrone 4 to accommodate the
different flight preferences and needs. They are GPS mode, ATTI mode, Sport mode,
Orbit mode, Cruise mode, Headless mode, Manual mode, and Boat mode.

For GPS mode and ATTI mode: GPS mode and ATTI mode can be set by simply switch the flight mode toggle on the remote controller.
For Sport mode, Orbit mode, Cruise mode, Headless mode, Manual+ mode: Switch the flight mode toggle to Custom mode, then turn to the SDFly App and set the flight mode among these 5 modes on the App flight mode section.

GPS G In GPS mode, the drone maintains a fixed position and height while hovering (with no input from the remote controller). The maximum flight speed is 10 m/s.
ATTI A In ATTI mode, the drone maintains a fixed height but not a fixed position. Therefore, when there is no input to the remote controller, the drone is going to drift with the wind while maintaining its height. The maximum flight speed is 22 m/s.
Sport S In Sport mode, the drone is going to fly extremely fast and responsively. When there is no input to the remote controller, the drone is back to GPS mode which maintains its height and position. It is great for extreme operation required for fast and responsive flight. It also provides a fun and exciting flight experience.
As the drone becomes extremely fast and responsive in Sport mode, it is recommended to use for a more experienced and skilled user.
Orbit O In Orbit mode, the drone is going to proceed to a circle flight with a default 10m radius. The orbit radius can be set on the remote controller or through the App. To set the orbit radius on the remote controller, pull down the right joystick to increase the radius, pull up the right joystick to decrease the radius. The minimum radius is 10 m. The max radius can be set to 150 m.
Cruise C In Cruise mode, the drone is going to maintain the direction and speed of your input after you release the remote controller. Headless H In Headless mode, the head orientation of the drone is dismissed. The drone can now move in the direction with respect to your point of view. This makes controlling the drone from afar more intuitive and makes manual return-to-home a lot easier when you cannot see the head direction of the drone.

Manual M In Manual mode, the drone is NOT going to maintain its height and position. The height, position, and speed of the drone need to be controlled manually in this mode, but the drone is going to maintain level during the flight. This mode should ONLY be used for experienced and skilled users. Please use with caution.

For underwater photography and underwater search, use a SwellPro gimbal camera and an extension bar.

In Boat mode, the SplashDrone 4 can effectively be controlled like a boat on the surface of the water. With a maximum surface speed of 1m/s. BOAT mode should only be used when the aircraft is equipped with the SwellPro Boat Mode Kit (BKT).
How do I enter Boat Mode?
1. Land or place the drone on the water.
2. For landing on the water, lock the drone.
3. Switch the drone to GPS or ATTI mode.
4. Arm the drone by using the inward gesture.
5. Press the BOAT button on the remote controller.
6. The drone now enters Boat mode.
7. Press the BOAT button again to exit Boat mode. The drone can then take off normally

IP Rating: IP67
Max Flight Distance: 5.0 km
Operating Frequency: 5180 - 5875 MHz
Satellite Systems: GPS/GLONASS
Transmitter Power (EIRP): FCC/IC: ≤ 24 dBm CE/SRRC/MIC: ≤ 20 dBm
Weight: 2.18 kg
Flight Time: 30 mins (no wind & no load) (approx. 25 mins with GC3-S, approx.15 mins with load of 1.5kg)
Max Ascent Speed: 4 m/s
Max Descent Speed: 4 m/s
Hover Accuracy: ±0.5 m (vertical); ±0.5 m (horizontal)
Max Payload: 2.0 kg
Power: 12V/2A | 5V/2A
Max Speed: 22 m/s (ATTI)); 10 m/s (GPS)
Max Takeoff Altitude: 120m (GPS) / ATTI - no limitation
Wind Resistance: 8 m/s (11-16knots)(F4); 14 m/s (F7) peak gust
Propellers: #1242 carbon fibre quick release propellers
Max Tilt Angle: 12.5° (ATTI); 25° (ATTI fast)
Diagonal Distance: 450 mm
Pass-through Serial Port: Connect to a third-party device and transfer the data of the third-party device to the remote control.
UART: Allows for TTL serial port to TCP, support baud rate of 115200
WiFi Hotspot: IP:
Remote Controller
Charging Time: 3 hours
Screen Resolution: 2.68 inch, 128x64
Video Transmission: 720P@30fps
IP Rating: IP66
Operating Frequency: 5180 - 5875 MHz
Working Time: 7 hours
Battery: 2S 3600mAh
Latency: 200 ms (It depends on the actual shooting environment and mobile devices)
Mobile Device Holder: Suitable for any size phones
Transmitter Power (EIRP): FCC/IC: ≤ 24 dBm CE/SRRC/MIC: ≤ 20 dBm
Voltage: 0.3A/7.4V
Ethernet: IP:
WiFi Hotspot: IP: 2020; Default password: 12345678
Capacity: 6600mAh, 97.68 Wh
Charging Time: 1.5 hour
Max Charging Power: 84 W
Operating Temperature: -10℃ - 40℃
Size: 153.6 * 82.4 * 48.3mm
Type: Intelligent 4S LiPo
Voltage: 14.8V
Weight: 735 g (±5 g)
Max Video Bitrate: 64 mbps
Photo Formats: JPEG / DNG
Photo Resolutions: 4:3/16:9 12M pixel
Video Formats: MP4, MOV
Video Resolution: 4K: 3840*2160/30P | 2.7K: 2704*1520/60P | FHD: 1920*1080 30/60/120p | HD: 1280*720/240p
Weight: Approx. 310g
IP Rating: IP67
Sensor: 1/2.3" 12M SONY CMOS
Lens: F4.53mm f/2.65, FOV: 92.6°
ISO Range: 100 - 3200
Shutter Speed: 16 - 1/16000 s
Size: 113 * 92 * 110 mm
Memory Card: Micro-SD card with a maximum capacity of 128GB, write speed ≥15 MB/s, supports Class 10 or above & UHS-1 rating
Operating Temperature: -10℃ - 40℃
Photo Modes: A single shot, Burst Photo; 3/5/10 pcs. Interval Photo: 1/3/5/10s
Axis: 3 axis (pitch, roll, yaw)
Pitch: -90° to 0°
Max Controllable Speed: Pitch 60°/s
Intelligent Flight Battery
Operating Temperature: -10℃ ~ 40℃
Mobile App: SDFly
Live View Quality: 720p@30fps
Latency: < 250 ms (depending on environmental conditions and mobile devices)
Mobile Device Control
Operating Frequency: 5180 - 5875 MHz
Max Transmission Distance: 10 m (Unobstructed, free of interference)
Input: 100 – 240V, 50/60Hz
Output: 16.8V@Dynamic Current / 5V@1.5A
Rated Power: 84.5 W
Payload Release
IP Rating: IP67
Weight: 96 g
Size: 59 * 38 * 50 mm
Max Loading Weight: 2 kg

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