Parrot ANAFI Ai Smart Battery

Parrot ANAFI Ai Smart Battery

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Parrot ANAFI Ai Smart Battery

  • Smart Battery Management System
  • Smart Charging optimization
  • Wintering mode for protection over time
  • Black Box function for battery health monitoring

The LiPo smart battery enables ANAFI Ai to fly for up to 32 minutes. It has a built-in USB-C port for charging.

Battery ready to be inserted into the ANAFI Ai

High Density
The batteries’ cells take advantage of the latest technology: high density associated to a high power delivery. The chemistry involved enables the raise of the charging electrical potential up to 4.4V per cell.

Smart battery management system
The battery is equipped with a gauge which measures in real time the battery’s main parameters: voltage, current and temperature. Its internal algorithms enable the system to compute available energy in real time, based on these parameters and on the cells’ “state of health”.
The precision of this estimate is the basis of the “Smart RTH” function: the battery provides the information which enable the drone to determine the energy necessary to return to its take-off point safely.

Smart charging
With its embedded 45 W charger, ANAFI Ai’s battery can be charged easily and quickly through any USB-C adapter. The battery is 3.0 USB-PD (Power Delivery) compatible. This protocol enables a full charge in 150 minutes.
The charging power is automatically adapted to ambient temperature to avoid damaging the cells.

After 10 days inactivity (no charge nor flight), the battery automatically discharges itself to 60% charge – its optimal storage charge – and switches to wintering mode. This mode guarantees the battery an optimal state of storage: it stops all current leakage by isolating the cells from the electronic circuit. This prevents cells from reaching a tension level which would deteriorate the chemistry of the battery (3 V). Therefore, batteries can be safely stored for a full year.
Batteries exit the wintering mode when plugged to a power source.

Black Box
Equipped with an internal memory, the battery saves the history of its measures (charge/discharge cycles, state of health) and transfers them to FreeFlight 7. This data can also be exploited by Parrot Support services for enquiries in case of malfunction.

USB-C “OTG” interface
The USB port of the battery can provide 2 A power to an external peripheral as a 4G key, a C02 detector, or any kind of USB-equipped electronic device.

The battery can be used as an emergency charger for any kind of electronic device (smartphone, tablet).

Charge indicator
The four LED of the battery indicate the battery’s level of charge in the following situations:
When the battery is being charged.
Power button activated.
When the Battery in the ANAFI Ai and the drone is powered on.
4 LEDs indicate 25%, 50%, 75% and 100% charge

Parrot is ISO9001 certified.
Batteries are UN38.3 certified for transportation.
Batteries are CE and FCC certified.

Quality control process:
Parrot has implemented a reinforced quality control process for battery manufacturing (audit of suppliers, IQC controls) and set up test benches for each step of the assembly process
Parrot performs random X-ray and tomography controls on samples, to check the quality of the cells (folding, connectors).
If users choose to share their data with Parrot, their ANAFI Ai batteries’ state of health is transferred to Parrot’s cloud for support and statistics purposes.


What's Included?
ANAFI Ai Battery x 1

Parrot ANAFI Ai - Charging
Battery Type: 3 x LiPo
Capacity: 6800 mAh
Charging Temperature: 10°C to 40°C
Charging Time: 150 mins
Operating Temperature: 10°C to 40°C
Storage Temperature: -20°C to 40°C
Weight: 355 g
Battery Energy Density: 221 Wh/kg
Battery Life: 32 min
Charging Port: Embedded USB-C
Durability: 96% capacity after 300 charge/discharge cycles

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