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DJI Mavic Mini Snap Adapter

DJI Mavic Mini Snap Adapter

  • Brand: DJI
  • Product Code: CY-7.5.002
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DJI Mavic Mini Snap Adapter - Attach an LED backlit whiteboard surface as well as many small accessories With a Lego like adapter

The Snap Adapter expands creative options by allowing users to attach small accessories, such as LED displays or building blocks, on top of Mavic Mini.
The LED backlit whiteboard has multiple settings such as flashing, on, off.
The total combined weight of the Snap Adapter and payload should not exceed 30 g. Make sure to secure the buckle before taking off.

Main Materials: PC, Modified ABS, Transparent PC
Snap Adapter+LED Display Weight: 21.5 g
Snap Adapter+Building Blocks Weight: 12 g
Battery Capacity: 50 mAh
Charging Voltage: 4.2 V
Battery Type: Polymer Lithium Ion
Energy: 0.19 Wh

What's Included?
Snap Adapter × 1
LED Display × 1
Erasable Pen × 2
Connect Block × 1

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