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Mavic Air

DJI Remote Controller Tablet Holder for Mavic 2 Series, Mavic 1 Series and Spark Series

DJI Remote Controller Tab..

Mavic Series and Spark Series Remote Controller Tablet HolderFoldable design Exquisite craftsmanship The Mavic 2 Tablet Holder is compatible with most..
£34.00£29.00 Ex Tax: £24.17
£34.00£29.00 Ex Tax: £24.17
AC Power Adaptor Cable 100 W (UK) C7 "Figure of 8"

AC Power Adaptor Cable 10..

AC Power Adaptor Cable (UK)Used to plug into many drone chargers such as the Mavic, Phantom and Inspire series chargers.Also known as a "figure of 8" ..
£7.00 Ex Tax: £5.83
£7.00 Ex Tax: £5.83
DJI Mavic Series RC Cable Standard Micro USB Connector Part 3

DJI Mavic Series RC Cable..

DJI Mavic Series RC Cable Standard Micro USB ConnectorUsed to connect the remote controller to a mobile device via the Micro USB port.CompatibilityMin..
£8.00 Ex Tax: £6.67
£8.00 Ex Tax: £6.67
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