Yuneec H850E Hexcopter YUNH850EEU

Yuneec H850E Hexcopter YUNH850EEU

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Yuneec H850E Hexcopter YUNH850EEU

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All content subject to change. What we know so far:

The H850E is a powerful 6 rotor drone suitable for Search and Rescure, Emergency Services, Security and many other uses.
It has 2 rotors upsidedown, speculation of why is so that the drone can have larger propellers closer together.
It will be equipped with 2 batteries providing up to 60 mins of flight time and redundancy. Each battery with 13000 mAh capacity. Yuneec's current drones don't have this capacity so there will be no backwards compatibility for the batteries.
It will have the option for a thermal camera and we hope current cameras such as the E90, E20Tvx Thermal and E30ZX Zoom Cameras are compatable.

It will weigh 6 kg. 3kg of which will be the batteries. Compared to the H520E, Typhoon H Plus and H3 which all weigh around 2 kg, it will be much bigger. Even the old Tornado weighed 5 kg so it will be Yuneec's biggest/most kitted out drone yet.

There is a also new design of controller as well which maximizes space for the sreeen.

Yuneec are a no nonsense drone maker with a good solid products so we are looking forward to being the UK retailer for this drone. As and when we get any further information, pricing and availablility we will update here and once all is confirmed we will send you an email so please use the link above to receive this.

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