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Yuneec Bumper Cage for H520 and Typhoon H Plus A-YNUK-BC01

Yuneec Bumper Cage for H520 and Typhoon H Plus A-YNUK-BC01

  • Brand: Yuneec
  • Product Code: A-YNUK-BC01
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Yuneec Bumper Cage for H520 and Typhoon H Plus

Crash me if you can! With the new bumper cage for the Yuneec H520 and Typhoon H Plus you can fly safely even in difficult and narrow indoor conditions.

  • Extremely robust carbon rods
  • Total 360° protection – Your drone is protected from every angle
  • Minimise risk of damage – Safety in sensitive spaces
  • Launch and land with ease – even with the drone cage attached
  • Economical and Practical – Cost effective solution
  • Perfect for training – Minimal risk to drone for new flyers
  • Easy to attach and detach – The Drone Cage simply snaps into place
  • Customisable – Adapt the cage for use e.g. Half dome, Full dome
  • Non-imposing cage – Carefully positioned components mean minimal obstruction when inspecting

The Yuneec Drone Cage for H520 and Typhoon H Plus is designed to withstand collisions and knocks, making it easy to operate your drone indoors and in hard to reach, confined spaces. Sensitive machinery and equipment are safe as the cage completely minimises the risk of any damage. As opposed to propeller protectors which just protect the sides of your drone at low altitudes, the Drone Cage provides 360° protection from every angle, opening up a whole new way of performing inspections and surveys in sensitive environments. The drone cage also provides the ultimate safety element in surveillance and S&R scenarios, allowing the Drone Pilot to focus on the mission with ultimate peace of mind.

Launch and land with ease – even with the Yuneec Drone Cage attached
Unlike other drone cages available on the market, the Yuneec Drone Cage allows operators to launch and land the drone with ease – even when the drone cage is attached. Thanks to its intuitive design, the landing gear is always available, allowing the operator to launch from the most suitable area, and to land whenever necessary without having to worry about causing damage to the drone or environment.

The benefits
We recognised the urgent need for a safe and secure solution for flying in sensitive environments, especially when GPS and Indoor stabilisation is not an option. The result is the Yuneec Drone Cage which allows every H520 and Typhoon H Plus operator to fly safe knowing their drone – and the environment they are flying in – is completely protected.

Improve Safety
By facilitating remote visual inspection in sensitive indoor environments, the Yuneec Drone Cage avoids the need for workers to access dangerous areas or encounter hazardous situations.

Reduce Cost
Make expensive inspections a thing of the past. Laborious scaffolding, cranes and rope access are no longer required to perform detailed visual inspections.

Less Downtime
Ready to launch within a minute, the Yuneec Bumper Cage and H520/Typhoon H Plus can execute an entire inspection in a matter of hours, not days.

Dimensions: 862 x 860 x 423 mm (L x W x H)
Weight (unattached): 227 g
Weight (attached to H520 with E90): 2210 g
Weight (attached to Typhoon H Plus with C23): 2127 g
Flight Time of H520 with E90 but no cage: 25 mins
Flight Time of cage attached to H520 with E90: 22 min
Flight Time of Typhoon H Plus with C23 but no cage: 28 mins
Flight Time of cage attached to Typhoon H Plus with C23: 22 min

What's Included?
Top Cross Join x 1
Motor Arm Clips x 6
Toothpick x 1
Side Rods x 2
Front and Rear Rods x 4
Outer Ring Rods x 6
Top Cross Rods x 3
Leg Clips x 2
Leg Inserts x 4

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