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Chasing Innovation GLADIUS MINI |The World's First Five Thruster Minisize Underwater Drone

Chasing Innovation GLADIUS MINI |The World's First Five Thruster Minisize Underwater Drone

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Chasing Innovation GLADIUS MINI Underwater Drone

  • One Touch Depth-Lock Mode
  • ±45°Adjustable Tilt-Lock Mode
  • Dive To 100m
  • 4K UHD Camera
  • One Touch Share On Social
  • Live Stream
  • 2hr Runtime
  • Portable Backpack

Discover and Capture What Lies Beneath With Gladius Mini

The First Five Thruster Minisize Underwater Drone in the World
GLADIUS MINI is equipped with an Ultra-HD camera that delivers 12-mega pixel photos and 4K videos.

New Five Thrusters' Layout + AI Intelligent Control Algorithm
The vertical propellers are laid out as a triangle, which is combined with AI intelligent control algorithm to ensure the stability of the ROV in both vertical and horizontal directions under water.
The rear two propellers output a maximum speed of 2m/s and flow resistance.

±45° Adjustable Tilt-Lock
The pitching angle is permitted to Tilt-Lock Mode. Can be regulated to pan left or right and tilt up or down. Lock mode stay in its current location.

Fully Portable
The weight of GLADIUS MINI is less than 2.5 kg (5.5 lb). The size is 23 x 38 cm  (8.9inch*15 inch), which is similar to 15’’ Macbook Pro.

One-Button Sharing
Share the underwater videos and photos on social media, just need to click one button.

VR Experience

GLADIUS MINI integrated with VR equipment which aboard the drone can feed you to access the real-time streaming 3D video from underwater world.

Unique five thruster design allows responsive and accurate navigation in all directions.
Depth-lock, adjustable tilt-lock, and game-like controller allow stable underwater shooting from the best angle at any depth and current.

Application For Consumers
Diving & Photography
Yacht & Fishing
Tour & Exploring

Application For Businesses
Aquaculture Inspection
Hull & Dock Inspection
Reservoir dam Inspection
Infrastructure Inspection

Camera: 12 Million pixels
CMOS: 1/2.3 inch
Lens: F3.0
LED Light: 2*1200 Lumens

Simple Game Like Control

What's Included?
Base Station x 1
Remote Controller x 1
Winder & 100m Tether x 1
Charger x 1
Buoyancy Weight Module (Seawater/Freshwater) x 2

How do I set up the GLADIUS MINI?

How good is the Drone in darkness?

Why haven't Chasing Innovation allowed the drone to go deeper than 100m?
Most likely because the "interesting" stuff, like 90% of all life in the ocean is in up to the
top 200m of ocean (will be more shallow based on turbulence, impurities etc in the water)
At 100m the pressure from the water is 10 times higher than that at the surface and so the technology would cost more if it needs to resist pressures above 10 atmospheres.

What’s the difference between GLADIUS Standard, Advanced, and GLADIUS MINI?
The Gladius Mini It is designed to be very portable, while also being more precise and agile than GLADIUS Standard and Advanced . despite the lower price tag it is still a very powerful and capable drone.

What is the maximum range of GLADIUS MINI?
Maximum depth: 100m   Maximum speed: 2m/s

How long does it take to charge the Gladius Mini's battery, and how long does a full charge last for?
GLADIUS MINI is equipped with 3A charger. It takes 1.5 hours to charge the drone battery. This full charge will last for about 2 hours. 

How do I know when the GLADIUS MINI is running out of power?
The controller of GLADIUS MINI is equipped with a Battery Power Indicator, which will display a red light warning at 25% battery.

Does the Gladius Mini automatically stabilise at the desired depth?
Yes, The 5-thrusters design and various modes offer depth control to keep the drone at the desired depth while the 5-thrusters designs offers a stabilisation feature.

Do the thrusters work independently such that I can pitch the nose of the Gladius Mini up and down?
The thrusters work independently, and you can pitch the nose of the drone up and down. Gladius MINI supports a maximum of 45-degree pitch angle.

Can the GLADIUS's Remote Controller be used underwater?
No, the remote controller is not waterproof.

Does the Gladius Mini's lens have a protection collar to prevent scratching if you bump into coral or other objects?
The lens can resist bumps and scraps, though it is advised to avoid collisions where possible as it is not completely resistant to collisions.

What's the recording time on the Gladius Mini's onboard internal storage?
It depends on the resolution of video, On board there is 64GBs of storage. - at 4k 30 FPS you will be using up to 900MB per min, you should be able to record 71 mins of 4k video.

What are the dimensions of the Gladius Mini?
385*226*138mm and the weight is less than 2.5KG. The total weight does not exceed 4KG.

How do I turn GLADIUS MINI On and Off?
Tighten the buoyancy tether, then turn on the switch on the back of the repeater.

What are the Video&Photo formats for GLADIUS MINI?

How do you connect your phone to your drone?
Turn on the repeater, then connect to the ‘Gladius 5G WiFi’ by your phone. The password is 12345678.

Do I have to control GLADIUS MINI by the APP?
Yes. the app is available on iOS and Android.

Remote Controller
Transmission Distance: <10 m
Working Temperatures: -10℃~45℃
Operating Frequency: 2.4GHz
Dimensions: 385*226*138 mm
Weight: <2.5 kg
Buoyancy: -10 g ~ 10 g
Operating Temperature: -10℃~40℃
Max Depth: 100 m
Max Speed: 2 m/s (4 Knots)
Max Ascend / Descend Speed: 0.5 m/s (1 Knot)
Flow Resistance: 1 m/s (2 Knots)
Battery: 55.5Wh (5000mAh)
Average Runtime: 1.5 - 2 hours
Battery Cycle: >300times
Thruster: Five Thrusters
Pilot Mode: Depth Preset Mode & Stabilize Mode & ±45°Adjustable Tilt-Lock Mode
Focus: 4.0 mm
Photo Formats: JPEG / DNG
Photo Resolutions: 12M
Storage Memory: 64 GB
Video Formats: MP4
Video Resolution: FHD:1920*1080 30 FPS. FHD:1920*1080 60 FPS. FHD:1920*1080 120 FPS. FHD:3840*2160(4K) 30 FPS.
Video Storage Bitrate: 60M
Lens: F3.0
ISO Range: 100-3200
FOV (Field Of View): 95°
CMOS: 1/2.3 inch
Sensing System
Inertial Measurement Unit: 3 axis gyro & accelerometer & compass
Depth Sensor: < +/- 0.5 m
Temperature Sensor: +/- 2℃
Base Station
DImensions: 151x107x45mm
Battery Cycle: >300times
HDMI Output: Yes
TF Card Recording: Yes
Waterproof Level: 0
Buoyancy: 0
WIFI Distance: ≤10 m
Brightness: 2 x 1200 lumens
Colour Temperature: 4000K-5000k
Colour rendering index: 80
Max Power: 10 W
Dimming: Manual Dimming
Tether Length: 100 m
Tether Break Strength: 100 KG (980 N)
Base Station
Battery: 28.8Wh (2600mAh)
Operating Frequency: ≥8h(Depends on working method)
Voltage: 3A/12.6V
Number of Chargers: 1
Voltage/Ampage: 3A/12.6V
Charging Time: Drone: 1.5 hours. Base Station: 1 hour.

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