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Finance with Klarna

Interest Free Finance provided by Klarna
Klarna offers pay in 30 days, pay in 3 instalments and
direct payments, in a smooth one-click purchase experience that lets consumers pay when and how they prefer to.

Klarna are a trusted provider of services to 90 million active customers across more than 250,000 merchants in 17 countries.

What are the options?

Pay in 3 instalments
Spread the cost of your purchase into 3 interest-free instalments. The first payment is made at point of purchase, with remaining instalments scheduled automatically every 30 days. This option is only available for orders over £500.

Pay in 30 days
Make your purchase today and pay up to 30 days later. No interest. No fees. No impact to your credit score.

Direct payment
Pay straight away using your debit/credit card.

How complex is the finance process?
On confirm order - the last section of the checkout:
1. Select Klarna and which payment plan you want, click confirm order.
Click buy.
3. Select account/login or create account if you don't have one. Click confirm. Order is now placed.
4. Klarna will then email the due date of your payments and how you can pay.
5. Klarna will email you when a payment is due, if you are paying in 30 day instalments the 2nd and 3rd instalment will be taken from your card automatically.

Klarna's Pay in 3 instalments ToS

Klarna's pay later ToS