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Dronecages P01 Drone Cage for the DJI Phantom 4 Pro & Adv

Dronecages P01 Drone Cage for the DJI Phantom 4 Pro & Adv

  • Brand: Dronecages
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Dronecages P01 Drone Cage for the Phantom 4 Pro & Adv

  • Inspection work
  • Fly inside safely
  • Lightweight

Camera View
Unobstructed view from 30° to -30° and straight down at -90°

Set up time
Clip in your Phantom 4 and you're ready to go, no screws or assembly required

Cost Effective
Cheaper than other options that keep your drone safe in enclosed spaces

Flight time
Over 20 mins flight time with the Drone Cage attached

Weighing in at 250 g it won't overstress your Phantom 4's motors, also allowing other payload options such as lume cubes

"At Dronecages we promote the use of drones safely. Drones use a lot of technology; sensors and GPS to be stable and not bump into objects. As a drone pilot myself, I found many situations where I could not fly the drone when I needed to. The space was too tight and the drone sensors stopped me getting into that space. If I turned the sensors off, it would be too dangerous and would bump into walls. Having a drone cage means I can happily fly in those areas safely". - Mark from Dronecages

The drone cage is deigned to bump into objects without causing damage to the drone or the object and allows the user to fly in tight spaces.

What are some use cases for the Dronecage?
Confined Spaces
Dangerous buildings
Inside buildings
Construction Sites

What's Included?

Pre-assembled Dronecage P01 x 1

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You can view the instructions on how to set up the cage here

How much does the Dronecages P01 weight?
Less than 250 g

What are the dimensions of the Dronecages P01?
650 x 650 x 400 mm

What is the Dronecages P01 made out of?
The poles are made out of carbon fibre, the joints are made out of 3D printed plastic

What drones does the Dronecages P01 work with?
All of the DJI Phantom 4 series - Phantom 4, Phantom 4 Advanced, Phantom 4 Pro, Phantom 4 Pro V2.0

How do I attach my drone to the DroneCage P01?
You can find instructions here

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