Drone Cage V3.0 for the Mavic 2 and Mavic 2 Enterprise

Drone Cage V3.0 for the Mavic 2 and Mavic 2 Enterprise

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Drone Cage V3 for the Mavic 2 and Mavic 2 Enterprise  - Fly in Tight Spaces Without Fear of Crashing

The all new Drone Cage airframe boasts a much larger opening at the front of the cage, to allow for maximum camera real estate. We’ve also altered the frame to such a degree that it no longer requires the 3D printed bumpers for propeller protection. Not only that, but we’re a whole 107 grams lighter, and 15% stronger than the previous model. The airframe is much more agile, has a longer on target time, and is less susceptible to wind or drafts.

Constructed from aerospace grade carbon fibre materials, Drone Cage is the commercial go to choice for professional UAV protection. Showcasing precision 3D printed components, the air frame is super light weight, agile and rugged.

We’ve moved away from the more common hobby grade circular/globe designs, and developed a product that has been proven time and time again to be stronger, more reliable and longer lasting. Drone Cage is the only full 360 degree protective cage available on the market that has little or no camera obstruction, and still allows full use of the UAV’s object detection systems. The Drone Cage can also be operated outside for short periods of time, for the purpose of traversing to and from entry/exit points.

Strength Without Compromise

Dronecage's registered design utilises ultra-lightweight aerospace grade carbon fibre rods, with precision 3D printed components to offer maximum rigidity and impact strength throughout the unit. Unlike most cages on the market, the  Drone Cage air frame doesn't use any form of components fixed under tension. This is to ensure maximum safety to both your Mavic 2 and the environment around it whilst fully utilising the tensile properties of the materials used. The intelligent frame design gives the operator the option to retain the use of video positioning Sensors on the DJI Mavic 2.

Unrivalled Field of View
Our Drone Cage is designed to support professional use of the drone’s camera. The field of view is unobstructed and the negligible change in flight characteristics means that the drone’s handling is not compromised. This enables the operator to concentrate on the task at hand. The Drone Cage is also payload compatible. This allows each air frame to be equipped with additional HD camera equipment, lighting equipment or bespoke payloads.

Perfect Harmony
Dronecage's precision engineered quick release drone mount, purposely designed and rigorously tested, ensures excellent balance in harmony with your Mavic 2. This allows for uncompromised flight and handling characteristics. Many hours of flight testing have been performed during the design phase to ensure the optimum protection whilst retaining the Mavic 2 familiar excellent handling features. The Drone Cage air frame is designed in such a way to ensure high level of protection in what could otherwise be a total loss collision. The structure is purposely designed to take the majority of the impact without causing further damage to the Mavic 2, or the data collected.

Environmental Impact
All 3D printed components are made from a biodegradable material, derived from sustainably grown plants. All electricity used in production has also been sourced from 100% renewable sources.

Colour: Black
Size: 59 x 59 x 20 cm
Weight: 268 g
Impact on flight time: Roughly 13 minute reduction. Varies with payload/flying style.
Hover time: 16.5 mins at 1°C gentle breeze, down to 15% battery remaining.

No assembly required.

The Drone Cage is designed to provide protection to your drone device whilst performing low speed manoeuvres in tight, confined, hazardous and difficult to reach internal spaces. It is not recommended to use the Drone Cage outside, other than to traverse to and from entry/exit points.

Mavic 2 Pro
Mavic 2 Zoom
Mavic 2 Enterprise Dual
Mavic 2 Enterprise Zoom
Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced

What's Included?

Fully Assembled Drone Cage for Mavic 2 Series x 1

Upward infrared sensor block (pre-installed) x 1
hook and loop straps (2 x pre-installed) x 4
M4 nylon thumb screws (pre-installed) x 2
drone-cage bumpers (pre-installed) x 4

What is Drone cage?
Drone cage is a drone specific protective frame invented, designed and manufactured in the United Kingdom. Drone Cage makes operating drones indoors, in difficult to access places and confined spaces simple. It is the most cost effective, full 360 degree collision tolerant cage solution available for professional Mavic 2 applications on the market today. Drone Cage allows every drone pilot to operate safely in the knowledge that their drone is protected. It opens up new grounds for the operation and application of drones, allowing the pilot to concentrate more on the task at hand and achieving the desired results, and less time worrying about damaging expensive assets both aerial and environmental.

How does the drone cage protect my DJI Mavic 2?
The full 360° frame surrounding the drone enables safer collisions with objects in the way whilst carrying out indoor inspections in confined spaces or hard to reach areas. Our Drone Cage air frame is made from ultra lightweight aerospace grade carbon fibre that gives Drone Cage ultimate strength and flexibility with little impact on flight characteristics. This, coupled with state of the art 3D printed components, allows the drone to achieve it's maximum potential even in hostile or uncontrolled environments.

Is this a Cost effective solution?
Drone Cage is the most cost-effective solution on the market to date. Dronecage concentrate on the protective cage around the drone, not the drone itself. DJI drones are one of the market leading brands, and account for 70% of the total number drone sales in the UK. Taking this in to account, the only thing missing was to make the drones more rugged, so Drone Cage was born. Equipped onto the DJI Mavic 2, Drone Cage gives you the ability to capture gimbal stabilised, high-resolution images, and high definition video at the touch of a button. Together, Drone Cage and the DJI Mavic 2 offer the safest and most convenient way to carry out inspections indoors, in confined spaces or hard to reach areas.

What warranty do I receive for my cage?
Your Drone Cage carries a 3 month warranty. This covers any issues relating to the assembly and manufacture of the product. Due to the intended use of the product, your warranty does not extend to fracture and other damages caused by impact. The warranty will only extend as far as the manufacturing process.

What testing has been performed on this device?
The Drone Cage was originally designed for aerial close proximity surveillance. As such, pre-production and production versions have undergone numerous test flights in close proximity scenarios to ensure suitability for their purpose.   
Product suitability
The Drone Cage is designed to provide protection to your drone device whilst performing low speed manoeuvres in tight spaces.
The Drone Cage is not suitable for high speed device protection such as drone racing or sudden descent.

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