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2 Day Ground School Drone Training In Leicester

2 Day Ground School Drone Training In Leicester

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2 Day Ground School Drone Training and Free Flight Test - Required By The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) To Obtain Your Permission For Commercial Operation (PfCO) provided by Drone Partners

With 2 days of classroom training covering the key education goals required by the UK CAA and practical flight planning Drone Partners provide a great quick start to the drone industry.  Upon completion of this course and passing the theory exam and your practical flight assessment, you will be able to apply for a Permission for Commercial Operation (PfCO) with the UK CAA.

Where is it located?
Quorn Grange Hotel, 88 Wood Lane, Quorn, Loughborough, LE12 8DB

The hotel the ground school is occuring at

Monday 24th - Tuesday 25th Feb 2020
9 AM - 5 PM

Who with?
A qualified and experienced trainer from Drone Partners

The ground school  covers the syllabus requirements of the UK CAA. The topics covered are:
UAS Airspace Operating Principles
Airmanship and Aviation Safety
Air Law and Responsibilities
Navigation Charts
Human Factors
Aircraft Knowledge
Operating Procedures

Operations Manual
You need to write your operations manual, this document sets out your policies and how you will conduct safe operations with your drone.  This can seem like a daunting document, but when you book onto the ground school Drone Partners provide you with comprehensive templates and advice during the course to help you complete this.
In addition Drone Partners complete a review of your operations manual before you submit your application to the CAA.

Obtain Insurance
You can not take your flight assessment or submit your application to the CAA without having insurance in place covering flying your drone.  Standard public liability polices almost always do not cover drone flying activities.  You usually need to obtain this type of insurance from specialists.  Also, some insurers will not cover you if you do not have a PfCO – creating a real problem for new pilots. 

moonrockinsurance.com is recommended for their very comprehensive policies and a flight assessment policy.
Flight Assessment
If you meet the pre-requisites to complete your flight test you can arrange this on the third day.  This needs to be arranged in advance and you need to have completed the first draft of your operations manual.
If you don’t meet the pre-requisites or you just want more time to practice you can schedule your flight test for a later date.  However, you need to complete your flight test within 3 months of passing your ground school exam.

Aircraft And Procedures
You need to know your aircraft and your operating procedures.  This will be documented in your Operations Manual which DronePartners will review and accept before your Practical Flight Assessment.  On the day, you should have full knowledge of:

What do your status lights indicate?
What is the behaviour when it completes a RTL?
What are the operating limitations?
What frequencies does it operate on?
What are your setup procedures?
What are your emergency procedures?

Bring maps and/or a laptop so you can check the airspace, NOTAMS and collect appropriate emergency contact information.  Confirm before your test if access to the internet is available on the site: don’t assume it is.

What Happens On A Flight Assessment
When you arrive, your examiner will give you a briefing on the task you will perform.  You will come prepared with a flight plan and risk assessment for the flying site.  Your examiner will expect you to brief him or her on the flight plan and be able to explain the reasons and decisions behind your approach.

As a precursor to the actual flying, your examiner will assess your knowledge of air law and your aircraft.  You will then be invited to complete a full site assessment, check your drone and setup appropriate control measures for the task.

You should bring all your own equipment required to complete the assessment including but not limited to laptop, maps, personal protective equipment, paperwork, anemometer, first aid kit, signs, small fire extinguisher.

When you have completed all elements of the ground school, flight test, obtained insurance and Drone Partners have reviewed your operations manual you will be able to complete your submission to the CAA. This submission is made on their online form.

Insurance and the fee payable to the CAA for your PfCO are additional costs.  The turn around time on these applications is usually within 28 days.

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