DJI Mavic 3 rumours

What do we know about Mavic 3? Below are some of the rumours around what may be included
Twitter user @DealsDrone[1] has leaked some computer generated images of what the Mavic 3 could look like, along with some of the potential specs:
computer generated image of a potential mavic 3

4/3" sensor on the main camera
1/2" sensor on the second camera
7x optical zoom
28x digital + optical zoom
supports SSDs up to 1 TB and supports Pro RES
Occusync 3 with support up to 15 km in NA, so expect closer to 10 km in UK/EU
USB-C charging
45 min flight time

How valid is this leak? If you look back at the person's previous posts, they posted a drawing of the mavic 3 back in May 2020 displaying a cylinder shaped camera on a Mavic shaped body so the person has got it wrong before.

Another leak is from @JasperEllens[2] includes some documents showing the Mavic 3 specs.
labelled diagram of mavic 3
A few of the details are the same between JasperEllens and DealsDrone like the 15 km transmission range, the USB-C charging and the fact it will support SSDs.
The cheapest version being $1,600 (which will be roughly £1,450 once you take into account VAT) and expected announcement/release date on 15th Nov

12-10-2021 edit:
DJI have just released this image, we will likely being seeing info about the Mavic 3 on the 5th of November.
3 release dates for DJI products, Rec icon 20th oct, 8 dots in two lines - 28th oct, fully charged battery LEDs - 5th Nov

Be aware though due to chip shortages and shipping issues it's unlikely to be able to easily get one in the UK until Q1 or Q2 2022 if it is released in Nov.
Some interesting things from the documents are:
1 gbps (128 MB/s) "lightspeed" cable - could the name be hinting at being fibre optic? Probably not as  USB-C 3.1 cables can get up to 10 gbps.
65 W charger (5 W increase on the Mavic 2 charger)
DJI Cellar Transmission Dongle
DJI Smart Controller v2.0 - depending on how you look at this could be a negative or positive, no backwards compatibility with your original smart controllers for the Mavic 2/Mavic Air 2, but this upgrade looks to be one of the main ways the increased range is reached which was sorely needed as sometimes upgrading to the smart controller V1 over the base controller would reduce your max range by 1-2 km.
This leak is looking a little more valid as they leaked the spec sheet of the DJI FPV in Feb 2021 with all specs being correct when you compare it to the spec sheets released by DJI in March.

real life image of a mavic 3 infront of a laptop and a bottle

There is a 3rd person on Twitter: @OsitaLV[3]; mostly everything they've said has backed up the previous two sources but jasperEllens has expressed the view that OsitaLV has been incorrect in the past.

Another source @techdronemedia[4] has said that the EU prices for the 3 versions will be
Base version: €2,150 (£1,825)
Fly More Combo: €2,900 (£2,463)
CINESSD: €4800 (£4,076)
These numbers are a little bit too far from the $,1600 quoted in the previous source for both sources to be correct, but the increased price would make sense as the general trend DJI have been headed over the years is to increase the cost of each new generation within a series of drones. It would also further separate the Mavic series from the Mavic Air which are both filling similar price points.

There is nothing concrete about whether the SSD will be removable but a few rumours it won't. If it is not then the upgradability of the Mavic 3 base editions will be severely reduced as well as the life cycle of the storage coming into question.
Overall an interesting issue is the fact that the Mavic 3 will be supporting SSDs like the inspire 2 does, this calls into question will the Inspire 3 ever come out? If so, to not step on the toes of the Mavic 3 it'd have to do something big like support 8k video, meaning it'd need enormous SSDs to store the raw 8k video, around 7.3 TB per hour, with the mark up on the Inspire 2's CINESSD being about 3x compared to the samsung EVO cards inside when it was released, you'd be expecting to pay around £1800.

Will this usher in the release of a Mavic 3 Enterprise soon?
It's difficult to speculate, if you were to go by Mavic 2 to Mavic 2 Enterprise releases there was a 4 month gap, so if the Mavic 3 is released in November 2021 we could be expecting the Mavic 3 Enterprise possibly in March 2022. This does not take into account there is already is a Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced released early this year which would give it quite a short lifespan. A lot of DJI drones stick to a rough 2 year release schedule for sequels, if that were the case then we would be waiting until Jan 2023. Either way we know that the Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced is not being discontinued just yet as DJI's end of product lifecycle table has no mention of the Enterprise Advanced, as this product is still current.[5]

[1] https://twitter.com/DealsDrone/status/1441001182495862786
[2] https://twitter.com/JasperEllens/status/1441091686654906370/photo/1
[3] https://twitter.com/OsitaLV
[4] https://twitter.com/techdronemedia/status/1442149439913828357
[5] https://enterprise-insights.dji.com/product-lifecycle-announcement

Below are some images from the mentioned twitter feeds of the Mavic 3, Mavic 3 batteries and spec sheet which shows the smart controller v2.0

Posted by Sam Humphreys

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