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When I heard a new 'Drone-Port' was to be built in Coventry I was very excited. Concept cargo drones such as the 'Sabrewing' pictured below will become reality and take to the skies at some stage during this decade. Electric powered, autonomous and able to take off and land vertically before transitioning to convential flight once airborne will give them endurance, range and efficiency. Over the last five years I have seen loads of articles saying drone deliveries are just round the corner so, hearing that a Drone-Port was to be built I pictured a large site on the edge of an industrial a..
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Drone Scam Sites and how to avoid them - a few tips
We all want the best deal when buying a drone and a quick search online will bring up all sorts of offers with some of them seeming too good to be true. We all love to save a bit of money and seeing a drone for well below the normal retail price can unfortunately sometimes cloud our judgement. It is all too easy to order from a site which appears to be a UK retailer but is in fact not based in the UK at all. What this means is that at worst you will lose all your money and even have your personal details passed on to other scam sites who will then target you with emails and even contact you by..
Flying your Drone Inside a Building
Most drone users would like to fly a drone inside and if you are a commercial operator you may have to sometime or another. All sorts of building have been filmed inside and out with drones for promotional purposes so I would like to go over a few things which you may need to think about. Please note that by inside I mean such places as industrial and commercial premises, factories, churches, museums and wedding venues - not your house. Flying a drone inside is very different to flying one outside and there are some very important things to be aware of so I have made a list below but it is by ..
Flying your Drone at Night
Flying your drone at night is great fun and most drone operators will want to have a go at a night flight at some stage.  Before attempting any flying at night you must be sure your can operate your drone to a high standard and are able to respond safely to certain situations should they arise.  Please see below some points for safe flying but it you are advised to use your own judgement of what you consider to be safe.Before flying at night you should apply all your normal checks and safety precautions which are too numerous to list here but such things as making sure you have set t..
Operations Manual for Leicester Drones
After having received my Permission for Aerial Work PFAW from the Civil Aviation Authority CAA I decided to make my Operations Manual public.  The reason for this to help others see what a completed manual looks like and what is involved in preparing one. This manual contains such information as - Safety and Organisational Layout.  Responsibilities of Pilot in Command.  Aircraft Technical Specifications.  Drone Maintenance Principles and Regime.  Firmware Update Policy.  Flight Planning and Preparation.  Pre-Flight and Post-Flight Tests.  Take Off Proced..
Permission for Commercial Operations
I have finally done my drone test so I can now apply for my Permission for Aerial Work PFAW from the Civil Aviation Authority CAA.  About half my customers are professional drone users such as Aerial Photographers, Wedding Photographers, Surveyors or Estate Agents and they have to have this qualification to be able charge for any work they do which requires a drone. So in order to help them better I decided to get qualified as well. There are 2 ways to get qualified – the first is a week long residential course and the second way is to break the training down into 3 sections and do one at..
Leicester Mercury Article - Drones Really are a Force for Good
Very nice to be asked by The Leicester Mercury to submit an article in defence of drones. Published 25/4/2016 Yes- drones really are a force for good.After a British Airways flight was struck by one last week, drones are in the news again for all the wrong reasons. I will not deny that a drone striking any aircraft could have very serious consequences and action must be taken to prevent this sort of thing happening but have you ever considered all the positive uses of drones? Unmanned Ariel Vehicles are the ideal tool for all sorts of tasks; they are already used by farmers in Leicestershire f..
Leicester Drone Club Rules V1.0
Please see below the Leicester Drone Club Rules V1.0 published on 24/03/16  Timings. Flying times have been now been agreed with the Pub. Flying is only to take place between 15.00hrs and 17.00hrs each Sunday and only when there is a drone meet.  You may set up from 14.45hrs but drones should not be armed for flight until 15.00hrs.  All drones must be on the ground and by 17.00hrs and no further flying can take place after this time. The Drone Club meet will end at 17.15hrs. Drone Pilots Area Drone Pilots – The tables are to be used to set up your ..
DJI Phantom 3 4K FAQs
With the release today of the Phantom 3 4K I have put down some of the Frequently Asked Questions from DJI. This will prove to be a really popular drone and it is very competitively priced but it is important to understand what make this latest Phantom different.   What are the main differences between the Phantom 3 4K and the Phantom 3 models? The Phantom 3 4K is the only one of the Phantom range to feature a powerful camera capable of 4K video and Wi-Fi connectivity for the live video feed.   How do I reset the Wi-Fi video downlink? Option 1: Turn on th..
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