Operations Manual for Leicester Drones

Operations Manual for Leicester Drones

After having received my Permission for Aerial Work PFAW from the Civil Aviation Authority CAA I decided to make my Operations Manual public.  The reason for this to help others see what a completed manual looks like and what is involved in preparing one. This manual contains such information as - Safety and Organisational Layout.  Responsibilities of Pilot in Command.  Aircraft Technical Specifications.  Drone Maintenance Principles and Regime.  Firmware Update Policy.  Flight Planning and Preparation.  Pre-Flight and Post-Flight Tests.  Take Off Procedure.  Charging and Fitting of Batteries.  Weather Checks.  On Site Surveys.  Aircraft Emergencies such as Fire, Aircraft Incursions, Loss of GPS Signal and Fly Away.  It also contains useful forms, logbooks and checklists which you will need if you plan to operate your drone professionally.  All Operations Manuals are different and this is just one example.  There is a pdf version below or contact me if you would like any further info.  You are welcome to use this Operation Manual as an example but you are advised to make you own investigations into what is required for your particular drone and type of operations.  Use of the manual is at your own risk and Leicester Drones accepts no liability for the information supplied therein.

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Posted by Christian Smith