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Parrot ANAFI Smart Battery

Parrot ANAFI Smart Battery

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Parrot ANAFI Smart Battery

ANAFI battery LiPo USB-C battery that enables the drone to fly for up to 25 minutes (26 min with ANAFI Thermal). This is the longest flight time available on the market for a drone of this size.

Compatible with:
ANAFI Extended
ANAFI Thermal

Type: High Density Lipo (2 cells)
Battery capacity: 2700 mAh
Battery life: 25 min
Charging port: USB-C
Voltage: 7.6 V
Max Charging power: 26.1 W

What's Included?
Parrot ANAFI Battery

What type of battery is fitted to ANAFI?
ANAFI is equipped with a Lithium Polymer (LiPo) battery.

How to charge a new battery
A new battery, just out of the box, is charged to approximately 50 %. As with any high-performance equipment, it is important to keep your battery in peak condition to optimize its capacities. We therefore recommend that you systematically recharge the battery for about half an hour after the end of your first few flights.

How to charge a discharged battery
Always wait for at least twenty minutes before charging a discharged battery. In any case, if your battery is still warm, this is the sign that it must "rest" before recharging.

How long does it take to charge your battery?
The charging time of ANAFI's smart battery depends on the energy source you choose.

USB Power Delivery (5V, 9V, 12V – 3A):105 minutes
Wall socket adapter (5V – 3A):between 150 and 210 minutes (2hrs 30mins to 3hrs 30mins)
Computer USB port or external battery: about 270 minutes (4hrs 30mins)

How to store ANAFI's battery
If you are not using your battery, it must be stored correctly. Ideally, it should be stored with a charge of between 40 and 65% in a dry and well-ventilated area at a temperature of about 20°C.
Use a flame retardant bag, such as a LiPo safe bag, or get a cork-lined iron box for optimal storage.

Wintering mode
Ideally, when not in use for a prolonged period, batteries should be stored half-charged. When not in use for 10 days, Anafi’s smart battery discharges itself, if required, to 65% charge, over a 48h period.

In other words, after a maximum of 12 days without use, this smart battery enters hibernation with a charge level which never exceeds 65%. If you leave your battery for 12 days, you will find out its power button does not activate the charge level LED indicators.

The battery needs to be charged to exit the wintering mode and start operating as per usual, this behavior preserves the battery over time. Parrot recommends you always run a full charge of your smart battery before flying.

What is the lifetime of a LiPo battery?
A LiPo battery has a lifetime of about 300 charge cycles, but it all depends on how you maintain your battery. That's why we are giving you this advice in order to maximize its lifetime!

What are the factors that can damage the battery?
Several factors can significantly reduce the life of a battery.
Never leave a charged battery on a charger.
Never fully discharge the batteries before recharging them.
Never expose LiPo batteries to extreme temperatures.

How to increase the lifetime of a battery:
Never store a battery that is fully discharged.
Charge your battery fully when using it for the first time.
Do not charge a battery that is still warm.
Recharge the battery after each use – within 20 minutes.
Always carry your battery in a bag with fire protection.
Always respect the charging time indicated in the instructions.
Never use a swollen or damaged battery.

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